Seeking capital.
This leading social media agency with a strong track record and impressive customer base is looking to partner up with my business partner and myself to form the #1 full-service social agency for value brands. The management will continue to run the operations, while my partner and I will take care of the strategic development and execution of the buy&build-strategy. With many years of experience in the marketing industry and in corporate finance we have already secured a strong pipeline of add on-targets to grow the company to 45m $ in revenue and 5+m $ EBITDA within 5 years. The old shareholders will reinvest 30% into the group ("owner financing"), 6,5m $ will, thus, acquire 70% of the company. We are looking for an equity-only deal structure so that the add-on acquisitions can be financed through free cash flow and bank financing. We are excited to discuss the opportunity with interested investors and share all the details around that deal.

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Hamburg, Deutschland
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