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Company Overview This hardware Company has experienced tremendous growth within the past thirty-two years in business. The Company specializes in providing stainless steel, tamper resistant hardware products for outdoor projects as well as custom fasteners. The Company packages and ships all inventory to align with its customers scheduled needs. Due to the structure of the business, it is considered a stocking distributor, maintaining inventory on site for most customers. The Company’s product specification and sourcing vendor relationships and superior service has led to an extremely loyal customer base. Some of the Company’s largest clients have been buying from the company for thirty years, continuing to grow the size of orders almost every year since inception. Due to the Company’s strengths, it has become a dominant player in the industry providing a service unmatched by any of its competitors. The Company benefits both from existing customer and from a growing customer base, each contributing to the Company’s twenty-seven percent adjusted EBITDA margin. During economic downturns the Company has proven its validity, growing both revenue and earnings throughout the two-year COVID-19 induced pressures. During the 2022 fiscal year, the Company projects its 2022 revenue to grow nearly twenty-eight percent over###-###-#### The trajectory of the business over the previous three years proves that the Company still has room for rapid expansion.

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