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Investment Highlights ➢ Global Footprint/International Recognition – The Company was created to act on behalf of an international client base by offering a multilingual administrative team who assist timeshare owners from all over Europe, including Scandinavia, Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Russia, and Spain. ➢ Full-Service Law Firm – Highly skilled, multilingual lawyers offering a wide range of legal services from family law through to real estate and commercial law. The Company currently operates out of four offices where its talented team currently consists of 36 staff members with multiple areas of legal expertise. ➢ Long-term Litigation Success – Since its inception, the Company has prevailed in over 131 separate rulings representing over 3,440 individual clients. ➢ 99% Successful Outcomes – The precedent created by its 131 supreme court victories was responsible for creating new jurisprudence in Spanish law. Since these successful cases, lower Spanish courts are forced to mirror the verdict greatly improving time to resolution and putting the rate of a successful outcome on newer cases at nearly 99%. ➢ Spanish Court Systems Assists in Collection Efforts – The courts system supports the Company in its collection efforts on cases in which the courts have ruled in the client’s favor. Additionally, most of the larger timeshare companies such as Marriott & Hilton have reserved funds to pay these settlements. ➢ Long-term Annuity Stream – Once a settlement has been awarded, the timeframe to realize the balance usually takes no longer than 60 months with 25% due to the Company and 75% due to the client.

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