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Business Overview - Enterprise-grade SaaS automation platform that allows businesses to automate their workflows using a 'no-code' interface. - Can automate any business process. - The platform supports 250+ native integrations into major CRMs, databases, cloud APIs, messaging applications, and AI services. - Also supports integration with major large language model providers such as Open AI, Google, Anthropic, and private AI models like Mixtral and Llama 2. - The technology has a flexible monetization model based on usage caps of different types, making it adaptable for various business needs. - The company's current client is a UK university from the education industry, where the platform has been deployed for student support automation. The implementation has resulted in a pilot automated daily process of 3 full-time employees, with a projected annual cost saving to the organization of GBP 100,000. - The company's revenue model is limited due to having only one client, resulting in 50,000 GBP in revenue for the 1st year. However, the platform can be sold as a one-time integration or subscription-based service. - There is 1 permanent employee, which is the owner. Additionally, freelancers are sometimes hired for project delivery. Products & Services Overview Core product is an enterprise grade SaaS automation platform. Can be used by enterprises from all sorts of industries to automate business process workflows and cut operational cost using an intuitive drag and drop ‘no-code’ interface. - Currently offering services to 1 client - UK university. Being charged on a per integration basis. Assets Overview O Intellectual property rights & branding. O Source code. O 6-month full handover support. Facilities Overview The business doesn't have any dedicated office facility that can be included in the transaction. Capitalization Overview The business has a single shareholder and is entirely bootstrapped. The Business has no debt or liabilities of any kind.

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