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With a team of 16 employees including 2 office managers, 5 office staff, and 7 sales reps, this roofing business not only has an established chain of command, but has also been able to keep their CapEx and Liability low by outsourcing all of the business’s labor. This business boasted over $1.45M in cash flow in 2021 and comes with over $200,000 worth of hard assets to allow new ownership to continue and grow the business’s current operations. The current owner only focuses on the oversite of sales and even with his minimal involvement in day-to-day activities, he is willing to stay on board with the business for 2-3 years post-close to ensure a smooth transition. With over 20 years in service, this residential roofing business is able to offer services including roof inspection and installation, gutter repair, siding, windows, floors, decks, drywall, and storm restoration. With over 20 years of service and their main location in Manassas, VA plus a satellite location an hour away, they are able to offer their services to over 5,000 clients in Virginia, West Virginia, and Maryland. In the Northeast U.S., April through September is storm season, which is the busiest time of year for this company. After a hail storm, there is a 50% chance that a roof will have a leak. They have learned to utilize this information by increasing their cold call and door to door sales to coincide with this optimum business opportunity. Because of this niche market, the business has proven to be pandemic and recession proof. Their team works with clients’ insurance companies to ensure that customers get the most of their claim. Coupled with their high levels of customers coming in due to referrals (70%!), and their average online rating of 4.8, this business is primed for growth. Outside of their already incredible client base, there would be easy expansion into commercial and government work as well. The current owner is willing to carry up to 15% of the 2,825,000-purchase price, which shows confidence in the company’s ability to continue successfully. A 15% down payment of $423,750 would return $516,968 in the first year after debt payments!

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Manassas, VA, USA
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