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Broadtree Partners is looking to hire first year MBAs interested in Entrepreneurship through Acquisition to work directly with portfolio company CEOs over the summer. We operate under a search fund accelerator model, hiring ETA-driven individuals and supporting them for two years in their search for and acquisition of a company. Once the company has been acquired, the searcher will become CEO and run that company for the foreseeable future. Broadtree assists with every aspect of the search process, from lead creation and retention, brokered dealflow, IOI and LOI formation, to fundraising, QoE, and deal execution. We are looking for ETA-driven first year MBA students to assist our CEOs in operations, finance, and sales. This position is ideal for those considering pursuing search post-graduation.

We are looking for interns for our twelve portfolio companies in the healthcare, SaaS, manufacturing, waste management, government contracting, marketing, and business services spaces.

The planned start date for our 2022 intern cohort is June[redacted]We accept applicants on a rolling basis. In order to be considered for the position, please submit your resume along with your preference of portfolio company. You can find more details about each company on our website. Please use this link to access the SparkHire portal and complete the video portion of the application: