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A private equity firm is looking for a go getter to start immediately to support a portfolio company CEO in the healthcare provider space. Tasks involve COO-level activities, special projects, corporate development, and strategic initiatives, including:

• Support Chief Executive Officers, Physician Executives, such as Chief Medical Officers and Executive VPs, • Facilitate and/or monitor strategic and cross-collaborative initiatives, • Act as the Executive’s proxy at meetings and/or gatekeeper of communications and the Executive’s time, and • Manage communications with the Board and other key stakeholders

We’re looking for:

• Organization – An adept multitasker able to effortlessly stay on top of multiple needs and responsibilities. • Communication – As an extension of the executive served, the CoS must regularly engage in clear and concise verbal and written communications with others. • Interpersonal relationships – The CoS should be adept at forging effective personal relationships, able to read other people and situations and navigate through challenging and often unfamiliar subjects. • Daily support – The CoS must anticipate and address the immediate needs of the executive being supported, including helping with time management, handling logistical details and potentially assisting with staffing and budgeting needs. • Self-awareness – The CoS should be fully aware of their skillsets in relation to the executive served, and know which activities might best be provided by another resource. • Decision-making – As an extension of the executive served, the CoS may often be asked to make decisions to move activities ahead. The CoS should have a clear sense of their decision-making authority.

Please submit your resume through the job posting website. Cover letters are optional.