We currently own a diagnostic laboratory. I restructured it last year and this version is quite profitable. The company requires full-time, on-site management to achieve its full potential. The lab offerings Molecular Diagnostic and Genetic Testing (to include COVID-19), however, the recent growth is due to the large demand for genetic testing. While the lab tests for COVID-19, it is not the reason for our rapid growth. Providing only COVID-19 as a test offering is not profitable, however, it does provide access to groups requiring other tests.

We've outlined a plan to get to $100m in enterprise value, but for personal reasons I cannot move to the location to execute this strategy. I wanted to reach out to the search community to see if anyone is interested in buying this Company and executing on the plan.

In June, the lab had $1.6m of revenue and $1.0m EBITDA. We have a run rate of $10.8m revenue and $6.2m EBITDA. The lead sales partner owns 40% of the Company and wants to remain part of the lab and continue to drive sales growth. He's made significant relationships with Assisted Living Facilities throughout Florida - a key source of growth.

I have a 1 Page overview here

If you're interested, please go ahead and fill out this form. I'll send an NDA and I'm working on a detailed h investment memo. The intent behind this post is to determine early interest.