I'm trying to build out a checklist for myself of what info I need to be ready to submit an LOI. Below are my initial thoughts. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or a checklist they've found online that they like?

I know there's no one-size-fits-all question set, but I'm trying to give myself a head start on any new deal and increase my odds of getting all the important info.

1. Revenue: one time or recurring? what's the cash flow cycle, i.e. does the company get paid before or after they incur variable costs associated with a new order? does any one customer make up 20% or more of revenue? how frequently do customers leave?

2. Pricing: who are the other competitors and how do they price? How often does the company change prices? How much pricing power do they have? Is there evidence that there is a shortage or surplus of demand in the market?

3. Cost: how much power does the company have over suppliers? what makes COGS vary? what is the cash flow cycle for costs?

4. Margins: what puts downward pressure on margins? what are the top 1-3 costs to control?

5. Unit economics: what are the top 1-3 sale/marketing channels? is there data on the customer lifetime value and costs of customer acquisition for each channel? what opportunities exist to increase gross margin?

6. Management: is there a management team in place? what's their tenure? if I want to grow, who's the next key hire?

7, Labor: how big is the team? what is the average tenure? how easy is it find team members with the necessary skill set? what is the risk of labor leaving to start a competitor? is there any training program in place?

8. CapEx: what capex is required to maintain the current size, and when? what CapEx is required for growth?

9. Competition & barriers to entry: how does the company differentiate itself? what will attract more competition to the industry and what are the barriers to entry? ? how does the cost of entering as a new competitor compare to acquiring an existing company?

10. Seriousness of seller: is the asking price reasonable? does the seller have legitimate motivation to accept an offer?

11. Market dynamics: does the industry have headwinds or tailwinds? is the product/service an offering people need vs. want?