There are several sites where you can publicly search PPP loan data for small businesses:

For small private companies, you can now have an idea of salary expenditures, and make some guesses about revenue/EBITDA. A useful check for you PE/searchers that may want to know if a company is too small or too big for your search.

Keep in mind that companies may not qualify, so would not be in the data, if they are too big, or if their business way not impacted by COVID.

There are also some useful industry tabs in the above (not 100% accurate, but still helpful), so you can even target ZIP code, industry, size of loan, etc.

I'm not aware of any other resource on so many private companies in the USA, giving you accurate financial data on this (all self reported and vetted by banks). I have personally downloaded info on 50+ search targets, and compiled into a .XLSX with my own formulas for prioritization of targets. I've also discovered several interesting technical companies (my target niche) that I was previously unware of.

Hope some of you find this as useful as I did! I didn't see any past posts, so figured I'd put this up here.