Hi all. I'm a post-exit Searcher new to this platform. I formed my search fund after graduating from HBS in 2012, and subsequently acquired an enterprise software business in[redacted]I ran the company as CEO for almost 7 years, until our exit in October, 2020. I'm now choosing to spend my time helping entrepreneurs and CEOs based on my own experiences buying, operating, and ultimately selling a SMB.

As some of you can appreciate, nobody knows what it’s like to be an Entrepreneur or CEO unless you’ve been one. Many understand the rewards of company leadership, but few understand the sometimes arduous journey that’s required to get (and stay) there. Though countless leaders before me have learned countless lessons through their own experiences, I’ve found that many of these lessons never get communicated to, and utilized by, other leaders who may be most in need of them.

That's why I started a blog and podcast called In The Trenches. Over the coming weeks and months, I'll be sharing blog posts and podcast episodes with you, all with a single goal: To help improve some aspect of your personal or professional life based on my own experiences. If interested, you can subscribe on to receive these future posts directly. If not, no biggie.

Given that most folks here are CEOs (or aspiring CEOs), I hope that my stories, mistakes, and lessons learned may prove to be helpful to you at some point along your leadership journey.