We've got a new Private Market Labs Insights episode coming your way on Thursday (3:00 CT), but for this afternoon, I'm sharing some key teachings from another recent guest: author, technologist, and fellow The LBJ School of Public Affairs alum Brad Englert! A thread of some top wisdom on leadership:

Insight 1 - nurturing business relationships takes three key skills: understanding individual goals and aspirations, managing expectations accurately, and fostering a genuine interest in others’ success.

Insight 2 - Don’t Assume People are Mind Readers: leaders should openly articulate their goals and expectations. This clarity prevents misunderstandings and aligns team objectives.

Insight 3 - Engage in Power Mapping: this is a technique that helps leaders identify the influential individuals who may not have senior titles but have an outsized impact on culture and buy-in across an organization.

Insight 4 - Assess Organizational Health Through Mission and Vision: successful organizations have clear mission statements and defined visions for the future. In contrast, “wounded” organizations often lack these elements and react to crises rather than strategically planning.

Insight 5 - Look at Performance as the Reflection of the Structure: examining the organizational structure can help leaders understand who genuinely contributes to the organization’s goals versus those who are merely skilled at amassing authority.

Insight 6 - Don’t Get Intimidated by Strategic Planning: engaging diverse stakeholders helps identify the organization’s true priorities. Strategic planning isn’t about having all the answers but about setting a direction and adapting.

Hope this was helpful! Make sure to join us here on LinkedIn on Thursday to hear more about search in Canada from Jessica Cullen and Scott Duke!