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This well established and stylish men’s clothing label and apparel manufacturer serves the US, Canada, and much of Europe supplying men’s apparel to a variety of retail stores. The current owner works remotely, and his responsibilities include general oversight of the company and approving product designs, neither of which require much time in person, meaning that this would be the perfect opportunity for someone looking for a company that would run itself with little oversight from that owner. The parent company has 3 subsidiaries also producing men’s apparel, to ensure the highest quality for each of the four labels, the company practices offshoring their manufacturing to 3 different factories located in, India, China, and Pakistan each of which can ship products directly to customers. Though each of these labels is solely focused on men’s clothing, there is ample opportunity for growth moving into the women’s and children’s clothing sectors. The current owner is willing to stay on for 6 months to a year to ensure a smooth transition. Specializing in creating t-shirts, shorts, hoodies, long sleeves, and button-ups, the company has a well-established online shop where consumers can buy products. This online shop ships products to 8 different countries, including Germany and France. They own 3 other clothing brands under their leading brand, equally 4 altogether; to appeal to all markets. This company also collaborates with up-and-coming musical artists to offer exposure for not only the artist but also for the company. There are currently 20+ ambassadors who proudly display their clothing at concerts, musical festivals, and other public events. As far as industry uniqueness goes, they focus on keeping products “complex but simple” and staying ahead of the market. With a price of $2,200,000, and a 12.5% down payment of $275,000, a buyer can expect a return of $431,489 in the first year after debt payments! This is not an opportunity to miss out on! This business continues to preserve essential clients as well as providing excellent products! The company is ready for a new owner to take over the legacy!

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New York, NY, USA
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