Would you be interested in someone searching and bringing off-market businesses to you?

I'm a former CMO and the current business acquisition lead for a medical group who is looking for off-market practices and clinics here around the Los Angeles area...

What is apparent is that the outreach needed before finding a business that ticks all the boxes can be rather substantial...

While much of the outreach can be automated, there's still a significant amount of testing and manual oversight that's needed to get the best open and response rate (and each industry has its own unique variables.)

What I'm wondering is are searchers using origination services or are they primarily looking at listed businesses?

My outreach pod is effective at finding qualified and interested owners, and I'm considering turning what I do for the doctors into a concierge service that could be built specifically for a searcher's target - even targets that are considered "weird" or seemingly hard to reach.

Is there a strong enough market for a made-for-you outreach team that is created and managed specifically for you?

Rep(s) would be U.S based and trained to test multiple channels to reach your business targets.

100% of all leads generated (hot/cold/call/don't call/fit/no fit) are owned by you and end up segmented in your own CRM/database.

The service would be fee based with (possibly) no success fee and your rep(s) would speak with and qualify each lead before moving them to a call with an AE (this is typically going to be you or someone on your team.)

This means the only calls you take are with businesses who have already met your requirements.

That's the simple version of it, and I'm not sure that the cost for a service like this would make sense for searchers that are only looking for one acquisition (unless the EV was middle/upper middle market with an allotted search window of ~6mo-2yrs, and you wanted to have many off-market choices to look at.)

I've spoken with deal origination companies, and I've even spoken with business development rep companies...

What I'm not seeing is a service for acquisitions that uses marketing experiments and multichannel experiments to improve response rates and lead quality over time.

Personally, I wouldn't want to acquire a business knowing that had I just experimented more I might have had a response from a company that was a better fit...

Also, if I'm committed to buying in the next year I don't want to be relegated to only to brokered listings - I'd much rather have an outreach engine that drives discovery calls and finds me businesses that haven't gone through an optimization process yet.

Thoughts? Is marketing-centric outreach a viable product? If funds weren't an issue would you pay for this service? Any feedback that comes to mind would be great...