Hello Searchfunder!

Been lurking here for a few weeks, and I’m excited to formally say hi.

Quick intro --

I host a podcast for entrepreneurs who buy businesses.

It's called Acquiring Minds.

17 episodes in, and the interviews have been so valuable (and include folks from this community: ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌, ^Searchfunder member‌‌).

I’m a lifelong entrepreneur but an acquisition novice. Part of my goal with Acquiring Minds is to learn fast.

Enough about me…how can I help you?

- If you’ve acquired a company, I’d love to put your story on blast in the form of an podcast interview.

- If you have insights on a trend or theme related to business acquisition, an interview on Acquiring Minds can get the word out.

- If you’d like an intro to any of my guests, just ask.

You can reach me at --@----.com or better yet on twitter: @whentheresawill

Look forward to connecting with you,