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The company is a Pittsburgh-based B2B niche wholesale distributor. Our business model is aimed at helping professional contractors. The company’s product line is positioned for creating beautiful landscapes and luxury outdoor living projects. The company primarily sells to landscape contractors in the area from its brick-and-mortar location, fulfilling project supply orders for the irrigation, drainage, landscape accent lighting, pond and water feature systems. Demand for outdoor living supply is growing due to rising disposable incomes among high-income and high net-worth demographics. This niche supply business has long-standing contractor accounts, strong cash flow, and sustainable competitive advantage to continue expanding operations and accelerate its growth trajectory. We've been in business nearly 30 years and are currently exploring strategic options for the future direction of our company. While we’re a small business, we possess a proven model and a market niche that can be scaled effectively in the outdoor living supply segment. According to the market data, this supply segment is currently fragmented, presenting a ripe opportunity for consolidation. To capture the next stage of growth and add a significant value, we need investment and operational resources. A strategic investment would serve as an ideal vehicle to facilitate a smooth transition and expand our business. The synergies will allow for consolidation into vertical markets such as hardscape, turf & ornamental supply, as well as enable us to acquire other independent distributors. Executing a roll-up strategy can accelerate our growth trajectory, synergizing it by launching an eCommerce store. Since our customer base is territorial, we primarily focus on selling our systems for turn-key projects in the region. Although the current business is not easily relocatable, the niche supply model can be replicated. This presents us an opportunity to expand to new cities. The real estate is available separately. The existing premises is a 5,000 sq. ft. industrial building (steel) with high-ceiling, clear span, on a 1/2-acre lot. Multiple: 1.9x + Inventory + Optional Property

Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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