Join Athena from Unrestricted Ventures & AcquiMatch for an interactive session designed to equip you with advanced pipeline management skills and innovative strategies to supercharge your business acquisition process. Discover how to navigate the complex terrain of deal sourcing with an edge.

What We’ll Cover:
Pipeline Mastery Using HubSpot or Excel:
Learn to leverage HubSpot for managing both off-market and on-market leads.
Explore the intricacies of importing, validating, and tracking leads using our customized Excel templates, which can work independently of HubSpot.

Real-World Challenges and Solutions:
Tackle common deal sourcing hurdles such as insufficient deal volume, slow broker responses, and evaluating deals financially.
Dive into aggressive multi-platform engagement tactics, effective positioning as a serious buyer, and financial assessment strategies to ensure deal feasibility.

Hands-On Demonstrations:
Using the Pipeline Tracker: Gain practical insights on tracking deal progress from initial contact to closure, using the robust Pipeline Tracker.
Benchmarking Success: Understand how to use AcquiMatch’s Benchmark data to evaluate your deal sourcing efforts.
Efficiency: Discuss how to optimize your time and approach to sourcing, whether it’s scheduling dedicated sourcing sessions, improving your communication with brokers, or ensuring your deal criteria are tailored to your strengths and market demands.

What You’ll Leave With:
Custom templates and practical tools to enhance your deal sourcing efforts.
Strategies to effectively manage and escalate your deal pipeline in challenging markets. Insights into optimizing broker interactions and negotiations for better deal outcomes.

Who Should Attend:
Aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to buy their first business
Experienced buyers looking to improve their deal review process
Anyone interested in optimizing their SMB acquisition strategy

AcquiMatch, a service within Unrestricted Ventures, is designed to help business buyers acquire their perfect SMB match. We offer a concierge, white-glove search and match service that includes refined search criteria through intensive Deal Clarity Sessions, comprehensive on- and off-market sourcing and vetting, and expert analysis and support. With our assistance, you don't just save time — you optimize it.

Find Out More at www.acquimatch.com

Founder/Investor Unrestricted Ventures & AcquiMatch

Athena Simpson is the founder of Unrestricted Ventures & AcquiMatch and has over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur, advisor, and high-performance expert across media, marketing, events, and strategic business operations.

From launching her own businesses to mentoring and advising startups, Fortune 500, FTSE 100 companies, and government entities, and lecturing at The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business, Athena has cultivated a deep understanding of business dynamics and growth potential.

Her journey led her to acquire profitable businesses through her company, Unrestricted Ventures. Through her struggles to find businesses to buy, she started AcquiMatch, a personalized SMB acquisition search & match service within Unrestricted Ventures.

Athena often says, "business is my love language," and she applies a matchmaker philosophy to business buying, helping clients find businesses that match their desires and build their own legacy.
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