Tomorrow a self-funded searcher will close on a $3.1 million acquisition financed with an SBA 7(a) loan.

The self-funded searcher engaged Pioneer Capital Advisory LLC to help with the business acquisition financing.

Pioneer Capital Advisory LLC obtained 2 term sheets for the searcher from top 20 SBA lenders.

Below is some high-level detail on the deal:

*air duct cleaning business

*DSCR figures

2019: 0.26

2020: 0.58

2021: 2.17

The bank that financed the deal provided 80% leverage on the total use of funds with an SBA Express Line of Credit (for working capital) of $125K.

If you're a self-funded searcher that is in the early, middle, or late stages of your search process, I would definitely love to connect with you to see if I can be a resource with finding the best financing options for your deal.

Below is a link to my calendar if you're interested in connecting:


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Pioneer Capital Advisory LLC
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