Hi all - I'm a second time self-funded searcher working on proprietary search. I have come across a number of owners who have expressed interest (at varying degrees) of a phased transition. The specific owner I'm talking to now is a janitorial company. The owner is looking to have income/be a part of the company for the next 5 years. He has suggested the idea for me of: "a buy in, on going salary, commission, earn in ownership, purchase, then our exit."

I like the idea for a variety of reasons (no PG, less transitional risk, better work/life balance). That being said, I don't want to grow the company significantly and end up paying for my growth in 5 years. I know there's a variety of ways to structure this but having trouble putting all the pieces together.

Could anyone share examples of how this has been done in the past? Specific suggestions to align incentives fairly?