It was so fun to be joined by ^Searchfunder member‌, Founder & CEO of Axial, North America's largest online marketplace to buy & sell SMBs. Among other things, we discussed:

- To what extent are mid-market Private Equity firms actually going down-market and targeting SMBs that would otherwise be targeted mostly by acquisition entrepreneurs?
- Is the lower middle market as inefficient as it was 2, 5, & 10 years ago?
- How do buyers differentiate themselves in the eyes of brokers who are often drowning in buyers that all sound very similar to each other?
- If you had to buy a single business and stake your entire career on its success, what type of business would you buy and why?
- Can you still buy a company on Axial at a palatable entry multiple given how many other buyers are now on the platform?
- The history of Axial's pricing model, including why he's changed it since the company's founding

Please enjoy!

Peter Lehrman, Founder & CEO of Axial, The Largest Online Marketplace to Buy & Sell SMBs