Mallard Capital will soon be completing its conversion into “Keswick Partners” - a full-fledged PE firm with a $100M+ in capital to deploy. Our sponsors have over 75 years of collective experience in investing in lower-middle market deals.

We invest in industrial businesses competing in sectors inclusive of niche manufacturing, value-added distribution, and specialty services (facility maintenance and MRO especially). We prefer deal sizes carrying $2-5M in underlying EBITDA, although we consider deals slightly above or below that range depending on circumstances encountered.

We happily consider Searcher sourced opportunities so long as majority control is afforded to us and we’re allowed to underwrite the opportunity through our preferred lenders (thereby nullifying Personal Guarantee requirements many searchers wrangle with). We also consider placing pre-selected searchers in opportunities we source independently that may require new management.

The economics we afford to our partners tend to be far more operator friendly than most institutional funds allow for because of our unique sponsorship dynamics.

Please contact me directly should you have an opportunity you’d like to discuss with us or be considered for our MOMP program. More can be found at our website:

Happy Hunting!
Sean Healy