Hello Searchfund community,

I have been a part of the search fund community for a while now. In my observation, I have seen a lot of search funds are not having a website.

Either because you don't know how to build it yourself, or you don't want to spend a fortune for the website because the search fund websites are pretty basic.

What if I tell you it won't cost you a fortune and you can get it professionally built at whatever cost you think might be a fit?

I am sharing a link to a form in the comments, where you can mention the following things.

1.) Your Name
2.) Country
3.) Number of pages you want on your website
4.) Reference website to get a better idea of the design.
5.) Would you provide content, or should we do that as well?
6.) How much are you willing to pay?
7.) What is the deadline for completing this website?
8.) Email to contact you if we build a website for you.

Based on some factors, we would reach out to a few people that we would be happy to build a website for whatever amount they would decide to pay for it.

If you face any difficulty, you can write me at --@----.com