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This Innovative Energy Transfer Company poses a unique opportunity for someone looking to be on the frontlines of energy technology. With innovative patented technology, the Company is looking to become the new leader in wireless charging technology for electronic devices. This technology is usable with a large range of electronics including smart home tech and electric mobility, creating a future of charging that is wireless and contact-free. NDA is required to secure the comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information Growth & Expansion: The Company is looking to continue R&D, expanding its portfolio of available technology for consumers. Focusing first on a light mobility charger in 2024, they have plans for 2025 to focus on urban mobility and robotics chargers. In 2026, the focus will be shifted to EV chargers, opening the possibilities in 3 main markets. Financing: TBD if the structure and terms are acceptable. Reason for Selling: They are currently seeking a growth partner to create a portfolio of sector-specific products that utilize the base technology to charge other electric products. Their goal is to quickly offer wireless charging capabilities to the Light Electric Vehicle market. With additional funding for R&D in this unique opportunity, they see an opportunity to begin licensing their technology to companies around the world.

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exclusive representation
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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