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With a welcoming patio, multiple TVs, and games including Keno! This local treasure has been serving bar food in a very well-kept strip mall in Northwest Omaha since 2012! Repeat clientele is a strong suit of this business due to their quality of food and service, with a unique and diversified menu, known as gourmet bar food with signature meals and drinks. The 22 person staff consists of 3 full-time managers, 19 part-time staff members including cooks, hosts, and servers. With this established and skilled staff, the current owner has very passive ownership of less than 10 hours per week as his responsibilities include handling bank deposits and general oversight. Priced at $905,000, this is a steal with a 25% profit margin as it will profit over $320,000 this year. A 10% down payment of $90,500 returns $192,666 in the first year after debt payments, that is a 213% return on investment! With a prime location in Omaha and a growing customer base, this is not an opportunity to miss out on! Excellent marketing in the recent years has led to great success as most weekends are standing room only in their space of over 3,800 sq. ft. Fear not, this business comes with over $130,000 in assets so that the buyer can continue to handle this high volume of customers. Key opportunities for additional growth include expanding business to accommodate the local lunch rush (for which new staff could be hired on) and potentially opening a secondary location to meet the continually increasing local demand. This business has an excellent local reputation and is well known in the area as the place to go for specific pallet cravings.

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Omaha, NE, USA
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