Building on a question by @Pari Natarajan - I wanted to ask how part-time self-funded searchers are allocating their time each day.

I'm assuming many of those who are PT searchers have demanding jobs, so curious to know the following. I'm primarily asking so I can get a baseline to get an idea if I'm tracking well or I need to ramp up.

Note: Right now, I'm focused on brokered search, so my questions are in that context.

- How many deals do you review per day (specifically those that meet your target criteria)?
- How many brokers are you reaching out to/engaging with each day?
- How many deep dives are you doing each week?

In short, my stats within 2-3 weeks are:
- Reviewing on average 2-3 that meet my criteria, following up on average 1 a day with questions
- 2 seller interviews a week
- 3-4 new brokers a day, engaging with 1-2
- Doing 2-3 deep dives a week

If anybody has conducted a PT self-funded search, would love to hear how you managed your time.

Thanks yall!