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Search Fund Mini Internship

I’m developing a new search fund and could use some help!

Paid: $1-3k, depending on bandwidth, time commitment 30-60 days, starting Dec 1, 2021 Help create plan for a new ETA fund This will probably end up being less traditional than the 24 month search, LOI, then buyout process. Could be a buyout, a series of non-majority stakes in a few shops, and/or launching something new You'll need to hustle and be open to all kinds of things:

Work phones and emails on leads Reach out to other funds to get ideas Help setup CRM, other systems, automate w/no-code Think thru web 3.0 experiments, DAO ideas related to future of this industry We can talk shop on all the stuff I’ve messed up in 20 yrs of ceo-ing, too Rough thesis here:

Thanks! Matt Candler, [redacted]