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Our client has an innovative blockchain platform that operates as a digital marketplace where users can create coins and smart contracts to trade assets, goods, and services using a digitally encrypted, peer-to-peer blockchain exchange system. With our client’s platform, users can create, transact, and destroy any digital asset or smart contract in their personal E-Vault utilizing the Ethereum blockchain. In short, our client’s platform essentially replaces traditional dependency upon third-party market vendors, such as banks, to make transactions or legally binding contracts. Our client’s platform provides a unique capacity for users to easily create digital assets of their choosing to trade in a digital marketplace. With the addition of smart contracts, to provide functions such as mint/burn coin, automate interest rates, collateralize smart contracts, and much more. The value of an asset created by each user is set by the market value. The asset itself may be tangible, for example, a gold-backed digital coin or as intangible like time, such as volunteer or billable hours. Our client’s software is run by a hybrid platform/blockchain Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). There are 300 main Spartan Nodes that verify all transactions using similar technology to Solana’s quick blockchain speeds by predesignating which node will solve which block. This allows more than 100,000 transactions per second making our client’s software the fastest blockchain layer 2 solution that could easily compete with Visa/Mastercard along with the P2P transactions being free! Anyone can also download a node from our client that has the full history and syncs through the blockchain instantly but does not verify any transactions like the main 300 Spartan nodes do. Top 10 Features: 1. Decentralized Exchange w/ over 1,700+ coins 2. Lightning & (soon to be) Raiden Network offers FREE instant transactions 3. Create advanced ERC-20 tokens with imbedded DeFi smart contracts 4. Register ANY real world item as NFT on ETH 5. Create vital records such as birth certificates or last will 6. GNEISS network allows free text and soon free audio/video calls 7. History gives the ENTIRE transaction history for an Evault 8. Verify identity using BasisID with top biometrics in the world and (here soon) credit score 9. Coming soon - DeFi copy of AAVE and margin trading using it 10. Coming later - Multisig Wallets, DAOs, Airdrop, Voting, Swap, Betting, BTC & ETH block inscription) Our client’s software is “ready to go;” and is operating with customers and cash flow. NDA is required {LINK ABOVE} to secure comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners. Detailed Information Facilities: N/A Growth & Expansion: Unlimited world wide. Financing: Sellers will consider, BitCoin preferred Support & Training: As needed – specific terms for transition support can be negotiated. The Seller wishes to facilitate a successful and smooth transfer of the Business. Reason for selling: Expansion.

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