00:00 Intro to Thomas Smale

01:10 Why he started FE International

03:37 The M&A Process Past and Today - Build a community and they will tell you what they want

06:54 What is most important in choosing a M&A Advisor

08:32 What FE International charges

10:32 Finding Qualified Buyers - Filtering Out NON-Qualified Buyers

13:25 Does the No Money Down every happen?

15:25 Likelihood of SBA 10% Money Down

20:55 Due Diligence & Quality of Earnings - why deals fall through

29:20 The Valuation Process - how not to waste time

32:14 How they work with seller if 12 offers are below asking

34:46 Outreach to find buyers & creating FOMO

39:09 Why would buyer offer 100% Cash asking price

40:41 After 1200 deals, Where do deals fall apart?

43:00 Why Being transparent about accounting discrepancies is important

44:22 The future of acquisitions

47:30 The Partial Acquisition trend & Buy Side Search

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