I'm sure there is a new CEO on here experiencing the difficulty of executing on sales and revenue growth at their new company. Sales is my expertise.

I'd love to work with you and help grow your top-line to meet the growth targets in your acquisition model.

My skills include:

- Designing reliable outbound sales organizations
- Proficiency in marketing strategies including content marketing
- Bringing a product or service to market w/ pricing & marketing strategies
- Managing outbound processes that shorten sales cycles
- Integrating sales technology to drive real results

I just came off a two year search where I raised $6M from search fund investors and my bank to buy a small company that I would've run full time as CEO. The company lacked a sales team and a consistent sales process and my investors backed me to acquire the company and build out the sales organization. However the seller changed the terms of the deal at the last second which damaged our willingness to close.

I've decided to jump back into the workforce and while I could go on to a corporate role, I'm still highly motivated to take on a similar sales task at a mid-sized company. If this is interesting to you, drop your email below and I'll reach out!