Hey Guys. My name is Stratton Brown. I come the off market Real Estate world where we source everything through cold calling, texting, direct mail, and a little bit of email. I am looking for a business in the Home services space with over $500,000 in EBITA in the western US.

I just hired on 2 people to scrub google via instant data scaper, and use a Software called IG leads for more emails. My team started cold emailing last week and hasnt gotten a very good response. We are sending about 100 a day and have had 1 message back from a company that didnt fit the criteria I was looking for.

I have the phone numbers and emails of every company on the west cost who got a PPP loan as well from some other marketing we were doing for another company that I own.

I have cold called a handful of business owners and have gotten a better response with genuine conversations. Is anyone out sourcing the cold calling?