Although most of you in this site are either active or becoming active search funders. We work with search funders, but our primary job is being Transaction Advisors/business intermediaries in the lower middle market. That, as the name implied, we work with sellers and buyers to match each for a mutual synergistic outcome and manage that entire process from initial valuation and audit to post close transition. It has been a very exciting and lucrative career for there are not many professions available where you can earn high fees while you are helping the two players move forward happy and satisfied.

Now we are ready to pass along the baton to others who have fire in the belly and what it takes, both educationally, experience and aptitude to do what we do and do it well. We have developed a very intense program with a lot of face to face training, and all the administrative materials anyone could dream of needed to set up their own practice.

So, if any of you or your associates are looking to enter this very face paced M & A world as a transaction advisory intermediary, please go to There you can ready about the program, download the program document and if interested can download the application or just simply contact us at to arrange for an introductory phone call.