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We know first-hand that searching for business to acquire can be time-consuming and frustrating. And one of the biggest challenges that many entrepreneurs face is wading through too many marketplaces and brokerages to find the best deals.

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What can you do with Kumo? With Kumo, explore the 100,000+ deals we’ve sourced so far (from 184K+ listings monitored) — and see hundreds of new deals each week from many sources (we’re adding more data sources weekly!) and get access to everything you need to browse and filter across the entire deal ecosystem.

Plus, you’ll be able to:

▸ Filter deals by asking price, EBITDA, industry and category

▸ See where the same deal is shared across multiple sites

▸ See when deals are updated for the most recent information

▸ Save deals for easy browsing later

This is just the beginning for Kumo, and we can’t wait to hear what you think. Try our beta at