Recently joined at the suggestion of an acquaintance via a search fund and have to admit I’m impressed with the quality of knowledge content and the people who are participating.

Genuinely motivated by the openness of sharing thoughts and suggestions with the community.

I had started a search about 10 yrs ago and this type of resource did not exist then. I had to learn much the hard way and truth be told didn’t learn enough fast enough and gave up.

Refocused on the career only to have the ETA bug bite again as a nagging thing yet to be solved and taken care of.

Happy to help and lend input and suggestions as fit to others with the hope and belief all will be successful in reaching our goals.

Mine are to acquire a company not a job that will be challenging and something that can be grown. Career wise I’m more at the tail end of things though not ready to hang things up with much energy and knowledge to commit.

Geographically I’m in Chicago though not necessarily where I will stay. If I were to go it would be somewhere warmer. This desire may stem from the basis that we’re in the mid 20s with snow on the ground. A frigid day here in Chicago.

Industry wise, I’m agnostic having worked in many.

Hopefully 2021 brings many successes and allows each of us to reach our goals.