Great chance to acquire one of leading European producers of Steel Forged and Rolled Products, which manufactures high quality products for highly-demanding applications.

Consolidated turnover: over €200 ML (approx. 180ML in Italy and 20ML in India).

The first Quarter 2019 the company reached a stunning +36% comparing to same Quarter 2018. ● Ebitda: 20% (expected to double in 2020) ● 7 Production plants (6 in Europe, 1 in India)
Employees: ● 600 in Italy ● 580 in India
Assets: ● Machinery: about €250 ML ● Real estate: about €50 ML value

Please, note that all properties have been put into a real estate SPV to which the Group currently pays the rent (the deal includes the real estate SPV).

In the last years the company has diversified pretty much:

● the 2 top customers accounted just 7.2% and 5.8% respectively in 2017 revenues

● the 2 top customers accounted just 7.8% and 5.1% respectively in 2018 revenues.

The steel molding department is able to make from the smallest steel piece (for automotive industry) up to steel pieces with 6 meters of diameter (for large industry and for the oil & gas industry).

This is the breakdown of revenues and profits per industry they supply: ● 54.16% Oil and Gas ● 19.71% Wind Power ● 18.62% Earth Moving, Agricolture and Mining ● 3.30% Power generation ● 3.21% General Mechanics ● 0.49% Railway ● 0.44% Nuclear ● 0.03% Defence ● 0.04% Others
Deliveries per material Class: ● 47.57% Alloy Steel ● 36.19% Carbon Steel ● 16.23 Stainless Steel
The company is audited by Ernst & Young.

The Dataroom is ready with all the documentation to make the due diligence.

For further info, please email me to [redacted] contacts from brokers nor advisors!

Investors only please.