Operators: How are you preparing for the Coronavirus? What actions have you taken? What are you doing to help slow the spread of the virus?

Personally, I have been stocking up on essential supplies and inventory for two weeks now. I am expecting/worried about potential supply chain disruptions when everyone starts to get sick. Luckily, I was stock piling cash for some planned investments and am now in the very fortunate position to have very strong liquidity heading into this crisis.

However, I'm starting to think more about my moral duty as a business leader - both to my employees and to my community. While there are currently no known cases here, and most people aren't taking it very seriously (yet), given the amount of tourist traffic I find it hard to imagine it's not already here. I'm starting to think about what sort of preemptive measures we can take to help slow the inevitable spread within our community. Whether that's shutting down or something else. However, I'm afraid of how my customers (who all expect and pay for weekly service) will take it, how my employees (hourly laborers) will handle it, how I can help take care of my employees during this time, etc. Is anyone else thinking about preemptive measures? How are you planning to take care of your employees if you're mandated to shut down?

Anyways, I thought it might be helpful to share ideas and planning strategies during this very uncertain time... Would love to hear what others are doing to prepare.