Hi searchfund community,

I purchased a business through a self-funded acquisition about 2.5 years ago & have recently been looking at opportunities in other sectors. I'm currently pursuing an opportunity that would need a full time operator. It is a 70+ old manufacturing business that is in need of a turn around. It has been cash flow neutral for a number of years and needs some operational discipline & sales energy. I fully believe in the long term upside of the opportunity & would enjoy connecting with anyone that you think might be a fit for this role.

I am pretty open minded as to background & experience but this could be an especially good fit for self-funded searchers or those who have considered a search but haven't yet started. I would be looking for someone that is attracted to a high upside opportunity with a substantial percentage of their compensation tied to business performance and cash flow generation. Please feel free to DM me here or email me at [redacted] for additional information. I know this is a bit outside of the typical search parameters but think it would be an exciting opportunity for the right person.