Headstrt is a global On-Demand Marketplace, where members (Clients) can book individualized paid sessions with Experts all over the world.

Each session will be centered on the outcome requested by the Client, which the expert can approve.

We take performance very seriously, and we have detailed ratings & reviews for each session with amplification and penalty for great performance or correctable performance failure. Experts can earn anywhere from 40$/hour to 500$/hour, depending on a wide variety of factors, that we share in the app.

All Sessions will happen over our secured web links that users can access from all devices. We are looking for experts from all fields and all countries at this point, so kindly share the same with your colleagues/network, who are domain experts in their sub-fields with a list of achievements.

  • You have a strong portfolio in any sub-field with demonstrable achievements
  • You have credentials and necessary certificates to back your expertise
  • You are motivated to put the efforts to see Clients grow through these individualized sessions that are geared toward their outcome

Link: https://www.headstrt.com

Complete all requirements on the Earn Fees page, and you are good to go.