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23 Year Online Games, Solvers & Puzzles Website Business – Monetized via Programmatic Display Ads on 17+ Networks – All Organic Traffic – 78M Pageviews, 19M Monthly Sessions & 5M Uniques Website Closers® presents an online business that has spent 23 years entertaining people who share the founder’s passion for puzzles and games. But what started out as a hobby has become a highly profitable operation with millions in advertising revenue, even as the site remains free for viewers to use with no money spent on marketing or advertising the website, which attracts more than 19 million monthly sessions and 78 million page views. This Online Service Provider has a number of options for users, including Crossword Solvers – for those times when you just can’t find the answer to a New York Times or other Crossword, as well as help with Scrabble, Words with Friends, and more. The website also hosts many puzzles and games as well, including Word Jumbles, Word Search, Cryptograms, Boggle, Sudoku and many other word games. Today, this website generates 99% of its revenue from programmatic display ads on 17+ Networks where their massive volume of organic visitors creates strong CPM revenue for the business. Advertisers also see the benefit in targeting those that play games and puzzle lovers. This website was an early pioneer in the use of online puzzles as a successful form of eCommerce. More than simply making puzzles and games available, the website enticed users by promising to help them find smart ways of beating their friends and competitors at games such as Scrabble, Literati and more. The available word game solver tools on this site have made it more attractive than what other games sites are offering, which has increased its popularity with users – and advertisers.

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