When buying a business, my fav argument for "buying small" is:

Gets you in the game.

In many Acquiring Minds interviews, guests who bought small found that doors quickly opened once they became owners.

Primarily because?

1) Other owners reached out wanting to sell

2) Brokers sent them more deals, now seeing them as serious buyers

Latest episode of Acquiring Minds is a perfect example.

Searchfunder member‌ & his 2 partners bought small:

$400k for a $1.2m HVAC business.

Few weeks later...

They meet with another local HVAC owner to talk about something unrelated, a real estate deal.

But in passing they ask, hey how's business?

His response: "It would be a lot better if you guys just bought it from me." Boom.

So, sure, buying small has its cons.

But it gets you credibility in a hurry.

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