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This office cleaning service has an established contractor style business operation that leaves the current owner to work part-time, about 20 hours per week, handling business coordination as well as payroll and invoicing. The staff consists of 10 W2 cleaners who each have client accounts to handle and can operate almost entirely independent. While the current owner has offered a transition period of up to 3 months, she strongly believes a buyer or replacement could be trained to take over her position in less than said allocated time. Located in Omaha, NE this operation currently has 24 clients and works in a total of 28 buildings, they primarily handle office cleanings for small businesses which make up 80% of their clients. 10% of their clients are daycare centers and schools and the remaining 10% is a combined compilation of churches, medical offices and labs, and professional service offices. With the staff primarily operating on location with their clients, this business has been able to reduce overhead costs by not having a centralized office space, which has been proven effective with their current 30% profit margin. Priced at $295,000 this business is an excellent opportunity for a first-time buyer, a residential cleaning service looking to expand into commercial work without adding a ridiculous amount of overhead fees, or a cleaning service in the surrounding areas of Omaha wanting to expand geographically. Not only does this business have an established team that operates like a well-oiled machine and an excellent profit margin, they have room for continued growth moving forward. Growth opportunities include establishing a marketing presence as their primary route for new clients is via word-of-mouth as well as expanding their current geographic service area.

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Omaha, NE, USA
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