Hello all!

After coming close to acquiring a tech consultancy in a search, I decided to pivot and am testing the waters for starting my own tech consultancy. Wanted to post in case I can be helpful to anybody here.

My background is in tech - in particular, software development and productivity tools. I'm available to help searchers as clients and consult on all things technology for an acquisition and post-acquisition operations.

For a searcher, I can be a thought partner / sanity check when evaluating a company and help you assess the current technology / IT capabilities of a potential target. For post-acquisition, I can serve as a part-time CTO, for as much support as you need, to help you think about priorities and a roadmap for evolving the tech of your company to level up your operations. I can also help guide the implementation of new systems or work with you on custom development work, if that's the best fit.

If this sounds useful for you, please reach out - I’d love to chat about it! I’m also open to creative payment arrangements, eg no payments owed until a transaction is closed. Feel free to DM me here or email me at --@----.com Cheers!