I am happy to share an opportunity that you all might find interesting! This year as part of our growth strategy of my worker-owned cooperative conglomerate (obran.org) we are kicking off a search fund accelerator program. (https://obran.org/search-fund-accelerator) The program is designed to empower talented entrepreneurs to find, acquire, convert and run a small to mid-sized business within the Obran Cooperative structure.

We are hosting an hour long question and answer session on Wednesday February 17th at 11AM PST/ 2PM EST for prospective search fund entrepreneurs.

During the session current Obran search fund entrepreneurs, members, and leadership will present about our model and their experience with the cooperative. We will cover the structure of the program, the application process, and what we are looking for in a candidate. Prospective searchers will be able to ask questions, get more details about the program, and learn more about Obran’s approach to worker-ownership.

I believe this might be an interesting opportunity for this network. If people are interested in attending the Q&A session please feel free to register here: https://obran.org/search-fund-accelerator