Hi, everyone - The early enrollment period is now open for Nuts & Bolts. You will save 20% on the tuition by applying early. Please click here to apply.

In this hands-on 90-day seminar, you will build a solid foundation for your transition to searcher and then CEO of your own company. Each session, you will cover an aspect of personal development and/or a tactical/practical aspect of search.

Within 90 days, you will leave the course with 3 things:

  • Pitch: a 2 to 5-minute narrative suitable for an investor or a business owner
  • Plan: an action plan with your key concerns and next steps
  • Peers: A diverse cohort of searchers for lasting relationships and information sharing

As part of the course, you will also receive:

  • Primer: Based on hundreds of interviews and conversations with search fund community members, I have developed an workbook for this course. This exclusive workbook is about 200 pages. It covers the key stages of search, provides worksheets and exercises, and a curated compendium of resources for each topic.
  • Pipeline: Access to a pipeline of information through my newly created videolibrary of interviews with searchers, CEOs and investors. The videolibrary is searchable and indexed/tagged with complete transcripts.

Click here for the syllabus for more details. If you have questions or I left anything out of the syllabus, feel free to DM me (^Searchfunder member‌) or comment below.




Many thanks to ^Searchfunder member‌' New Majority Capital for offering scholarships for select students of the program.