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Nutritional Supplements eCommerce Brand – Sales in the U.S. & China (via a China Biotech Joint Venture) – Primarily FBA – Systematic Formula Development Process Website Closers® presents an exceptionally high performer in the niche Health & Wellness Vertical of Human Dietary Vitamins & Supplements. This eCommerce company, operating mainly on Amazon.com today, has developed a large and loyal customer base for its products, which currently has over 100,###-###-#### Star Average Product Reviews just on Amazon alone. The products are designed to assist buyers in coping with daily health concerns, such as gut health, weight loss, hair growth and skin care. Recurring Revenue. Their success can be measured in not just in sales but in the important metric of Recurring Sales, where this brand flourishes. 20% of customers on Amazon are in their Subscribe & Save Program and 43% of customers on the Website are Repeat Customers. And these metrics do not include those customers that prefer not to be in an automated subscription program, but still buy the products as soon as they run out. Traditionally with companies like this, repeat buyers make up a large portion of monthly revenue.

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