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Nutritional Supplements Brand with Strong YOY Growth – Primarily Amazon FBA with Growing 16,700+ Subscriber Base – 40% Repeat Order Rate – 8 Years in Business Website Closers® presents an eCommerce business that has grown significantly in the past 8 years, becoming a leader in the niche space of premium dietary supplements. The company is continuing its win streak here in Q3 2022 as it continues to grow despite many in the industry seeing year-over-year declines coming out of the pandemic. This continual scale speaks volumes to the company’s acceptance by customers, high-quality ingredients, and smart product selection. Using a combination of custom formulas and private labeling, this company has built a loyal customer base for products that harness all-natural ingredients. That’s been a winning formula for the company as it connects with a wider ­audience of consumers who believe the best nutrients come from natural and whole foods. The brand is winning over customers, which is clearly evidenced in the enthusiastic reviews they receive on the Amazon platform. They are known for high-quality products that trigger results, which has turned a rapidly growing number of first-time customers into long-term buyers. The company now enjoys a Repeat Customer Rate of 40%, and those numbers are growing. The company has also found tremendous success on Amazon’s Subscribe & Save program, which has brought them 16,700+ subscribers and growing. The###-###-#### Star reviews the company has received, along with the “platform real estate” they control on Amazon.com is giving them terrific word-of-mouth referrals as well. This online marketplace real estate is very difficult to obtain and becomes more and more difficult as Amazon tightens the groups they are willing to work with, and further adds to the compliance requirements for Supplements Brands that desire to sell on their marketplace. These moves by Amazon are music to this Brand’s ears because they have focused on quality, compliance, and results from the get-go … so their further YOY growth throughout 2022 – despite already strong sales during the pandemic – just goes to show that this is not a brand that grew because of the pandemic, but one that grew even stronger, especially as we are coming out of the pandemic. With products their customers can only get from their website or additional sales platforms such as Amazon and eBay, the company is enjoying steady year-over-year growth from their 36 SKUs. With the potential to develop new formulas, this company could scale rapidly, giving them an even stronger, more significant, foothold in the profitable dietary supplements industry. This is an extraordinarily healthy industry. The Dietary Supplements Market is expected to reach a market value of $###-###-#### Billion in 2022 while continuing to experience an 8% growth rate through 2032 when this industry is projected to be valued at $###-###-#### Billion. With their own proprietary SKUs, this company has a tremendous advantage over competitors who simply relist name-brand items. The company has also demonstrated a creative ability to attract buyers and maintain their loyalty. Something not easily achieved in the Supplements space. The company contracts with manufacturers for unique products. Launched in 2014, the company has built itself up to the point where it now impacts the lives of thousands of customers. They set out to create formulas with at least one ingredient validated in clinical trials and in studied doses, so their success is not simply based on marketing, but on products that work and draw high ratings from customers. They work with contracted manufacturers to create their premium dietary supplements, based on custom formulas that have been formulated by product development specialists with a background in regulatory affairs for supplements. They aimed to develop products that have high efficacy compared to other supplements, making them more effective. That alone encourages repeat purchases and brand loyalty. All supplements they market have been substantiated in at least one human study before being launched. All products are sold under their brand name and manufactured for them. They sell on multiple platforms. In addition to their own website, the company markets their SKUs on popular eCommerce platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and Walmart. In the past 8 years, Amazon with its millions of customers has become their primary sales channel, which also allows the company to conveniently use Fulfillment By Amazon for fast shipping. Amazon gives this company additional advantages. They run PPC ads on Amazon to boost sales, effectively use Amazon’s Subscribe & Save option, and operate on Seller Central. Amazon also handles customer service inquiries for them. With an Average Order Value of $22 on Amazon and $40 on their website, the company experiences very little seasonality, with sales consistent throughout the year. Their top-selling supplement represents 23% of their profits, so sales are divided between numerous products. Marketing is simple and effective. Their marketing is made easy since their customers’ referrals help them expand their customer base. The company also runs PPC ads on Google and Facebook and has an SEO program that employs popular keywords in this field to boost their search engine rankings. The company has an educational blog on their website to help expand their customer base. Two other significant marketing advantages they have are an email database with 35,000+ subscribers which is effectively used for promotions and upsells, and vibrant social media accounts with 23,000+ followers on Facebook and an additional 10,000+ on Instagram, helping to attract new visitors to their website every day. They now receive 40,000+ monthly sessions on their site. With strong standard operating procedures that are well documented, the current owner spends less than 20 hours per week on the business. With recorded SOPs covering how to run the business, the daily tasks are outsourced to a team of contractors who handle operations, customer service, PPC management, and GMP compliance. A lot of the normal functions are covered by Amazon. As an inexpensive product that can be purchased without a prescription, supplements are enormously popular today as a means of keeping people fit in a natural way. This business with their brand name products has a very bright future, with multiple ways of expanding their customer base and driving sales higher. Contact Michael Freedman or Michael Adams today so they can provide additional details. Asking Price- $6,420,000 Cash Flow- $1,310,779 Gross Income- $6,650,220 Year Established- 2014

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