Are there any unitranche lenders, private credit funds, or individuals willing to provide 1.0 turn of EBITDA as senior debt for a small acquisition ($500k - $1m EBITDA)?

Over the last six months I've seen several simple, well established, and highly profitable small business get scooped up by cash buyers at very low multiples because SBA financing was ruled out and other options for small cashflow-based acquisition loans don't seem to exist. A typical example would be an asset-light service business with $500k-$750k in EBITDA selling for###-###-#### 0x TTM earnings. Reasons for not accepting SBA-based offers have included a health crisis and desire to close in 30 days, a seller with a cash offer unwilling to wait on SBA, egregious (but verifiable) add-backs, a strong desire by the seller to remain part-time, etc.

I would be willing to provide a PG and independent QoE. No issue with higher rates, a short term, or cashflow sweep covenants. DSCR over 2.5, likely over 3.0.

Would love to talk to any lenders interested in discussing this type of deal!