Hi all, I just submitted an LOI on a business for 1.3mm and the feedback from the broker was "the owners would prefer to hold off any introductions to any employees or advertisers until after close."

It's a brokered sale with 50/50 partners who both seem motivated to sell. It's a digital business that's primary revenue is monetizing their member network through leads and direct sponsorship. It has real transfer risk as both owners are not active but very visible in the organization. One employee is a GM and two of the advertisers account for 25% of the revenue. I offered to limit the access to key employees and the top 3 sponsors and delay the introductions until the end of DD.

I have a good relationship with the sellers and they told me that they would prefer I buy the business over any of the other sellers. They genuinely seem invested in the post sale success and have no problems carrying a note and committing to transitional training and a lengthy post sale consultation.

Has anyone else dealt with this? Any ideas on the best ways to mitigate the risk?