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The Vann Group, LLC presently represents for sale, on an exclusive basis a New England based, privately held independent manufacturer of a proprietary tool for the construction industry • The Company is a nationally recognized brand that is known for its proprietary line of tools that are used by a loyal group of professional roofing contractors. • It has a strong brand and is a trusted supplier to the roofing industry, with well established relationships with a national customer network. as evidenced by its presence in over 650 building supply locations. • The Company’s products are all made in the United States of high-quality materials. This provides a competitive advantage over foreign made products. • The manufacturing of all products is outsourced to a core group of long-term manufacturers who drop ship the product directly to the distributors. This unique structure allows the Company to be operated from anywhere and it allows ownership to focus on customer service and growing the business.

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exclusive representation
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