Looking to gather 3-4 advisors who either work with or have been in a similar spot after acquisition. Compensation associated in a format TBD. Business is in the specialty food ingredient space with tangential lines. We are profitable, growing 30%-50% y/y with strong gross margins and generally recession and inflation protected.

We've acquired, grown/transformed a company, diversified across 4 lines of business (D2C, B2B, Wholesale, Contract) and have product market fit all showing promise with 60% GMs in all lines. We are executing 'OK' but not at the level I'd like and I see this as a headwind going forward as each of the business lines grow. We need to build out the leadership team and scale faster than the rate I am doing myself and we have a time sensitive window for gaining a strong foothold against two large incumbents in a supply constrained/demand rich market.

Scenarios considering include:
1. Operate/scale with debt financing/SBA...
2. Raise an equity round with a focus on strategics
3. Exit to a better positioned strategic/team
4. Bring on 1-2 Searchfunders looking to join/earn equity in an operating role and take company to next level.

Welcome other scenarios...

Reach out if interested in learning more.

Thanks -


P.S,. - Some context:

2016: $534k rev / -313k EBIT loss (64% gross margins)
2021; $2.6M rev / +121k EBIT gain (72% gross margins)
2022; $3.4M rev / +421k EBIT gain (71% gross margins)
2027 (est): $17-25M / +5.2-8.2M EBIT

Obviously a lot of devil in the details but we've got a growth company ready to grow up :)