1) Form a Home State LLC Shield yourself from liability when you sign NDAs

Lawyers are not necessary

Go to your state’s Department of State, Division of Corporations website (SunBiz in FL)

2) Create a Search Name

Don't use anything with "Capital"

You are not PE nor a capital group

It'll beg the question "Where's your capital coming from"?

3) Create a Search Website

Buy a domain for your Search Name + create a website

Include your Big 3/Second 2

Add a picture of you - make it personal

No suits or deal vests

Bonus points if it includes your spouse and/or pet(s)

Keep it simple + short

Use Carrd to build

4) Create a Search Email

Use GSuite to create an email using your Search Domain

Should be "First Name @ Search Name . com"

Nothing says "tire-kicker" like an @ gmail or @ yahooo email

5) Create/Get a CRM

If you take more than an hour to decide which CRM, your priorities are wrong

Shipped is better than perfect

All that matters is that you use it

Excel works perfectly

or use Pipedrive or Close

6.) Sign Up For Listing Sites

Set up automated searches using your Big 3/Second 2

You are not too savvy to use these sites

Great deals get done here

If anything, it'll help you find brokers who sell the deals you're searching for

7) Identify The Broker Universe

Create a business broker list of every broker you can find in the state(s) you’re targeting

Get their name, email, phone number

Add them to your CRM

Unless you have millions in the bank, don't engage a buy-side broker

Searching is your job!

8) Update Your Socials

Update your socials to say you're buying an SMB

You will be googled by owners and brokers

Make sure they’ll find what you want them to find

If you’re working a job and need to stay confidential skip this step

9) Assemble Your Deal Team

Get your Deal Team lined up

DM me for recommendations.

10). Start Calling Brokers Like right now

No emails

Just call, reference a listed deal or past listing to open them up

Build relationships

Drop off coffee

Lots and lots of calls and visits

All the while scraping the internet for listed deals

Deal flow will come FAST

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